Why do you need advice for MBA and Master’s application?


Admissions directors usually say they want to get to know your personality, individual strengths and unique potential to contribute.

They also try to find out how their school can help you develop in your areas of improvement so that you can reach your goals. Proper advice makes a huge difference in building your MBA or Master’s application so that it is really informative, focused and coherent, standing out from the others and making a strong impression.

Based on their experience, PrepAdviser.com consultants have in-depth knowledge of the competition you will face and of business school recruitment priorities.

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You will benefit from guidance, firstly to uncover, then to illustrate your strengths and your match to each of the programmes of your choice in the best way. Having an expert at your side to guide you through all options, advise you on crucial details and speed up your timeline is an unparalleled experience.

You will also be advised on the most effective ways to prepare tests in line with your starting level, learning style and budget. If you have already taken the GMAT, you will be guided on how to adapt your application strategy depending on your score and even how to leverage a mediocre score using other elements of the application.

Leading international consultants estimate that over 50% of applicants for top MBA programmes use professional consulting services to improve their chances of admission. A high GMAT score alone is not enough to get you into a top MBA or Master’s programme, because you may be competing with up to 9,000 applicants to be among the tiny 10% – 20% of those admitted.

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The acceptance rate of the highest world-ranking European business schools like INSEAD, LBS, IE, Cambridge-Judge, IMD, HEC is between 16% and 50%.

However, competing for your MBA or Master’s admission will still be a challenge even if you are not applying to the world’s top schools.

Business schools are demanding and the purpose of their admissions process is to ensure that you have the potential to succeed in the programme. Even if the school’s acceptance rate is 50%, you are sure to have at least one direct competitor for a place in the programme of your choice. Even if there are few applicants, your admission is not guaranteed. You need to perform at your best in the application process and convince the admissions committee of your potential for success.

Everyone can rely on admissions consulting to ensure the best results from their MBA or Master’s admission and scholarship application. The process, covering the full preparation and application process, is also known as “coaching” and is usually the most effective. However, you may also choose to adopt a step-by-step approach and get advice just for the elements of your application for which you need guidance.

Ultimately, what you need is an excellent application portfolio to convince the admissions committee of both your potential for success and the grounds for your choice of programme.

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