Accelerate Your Career in Austria – webinar by Modul University

The Austrian city of Vienna is rich in history, with architecture that stuns visitors. Its contribution to European culture has been immeasurable. The birthplace of Mozart and Beethoven is also known for its delicious culinary offerings. But Vienna is not just history, architecture and food. It’s also a hub for a burgeoning startup scene and hosts the revered MODUL University Vienna (MU).  

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How to Apply to a Top 10 MBA Program

Picking the right MBA program begs many questions. When, why and how to apply for a top 10 MBA program are just few of the questions Shimri Winters, co-owner of ARINGO MBA Admissions Consulting, was kind enough to answer. Get many more insights from his answers below.

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Free Webinar on How to Accelerate Your Career in Austria

Have you ever wondered what it is like to start your own business in Austria? Or how to gain the trust of the local market? Maybe you are thinking what are the pitfalls to avoid when launching a startup in Austria? Those and many more questions will be answered in our upcoming free webinar.

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Open Class on Creating Challenger Brands

The enigmatic Swiss city of Geneva is known for many things. To name just a few – it houses the headquarters of CERN and is the birthplace of philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In the field of education, Switzerland’s second largest city is famous for its prestigious educational establishments like Geneva Business School (GBS).

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Free Webinar: FREE Tools for Your Preparation

FREE Tools for Your Preparation on

Girl preparing with for her exam

PrepAdviser’s preparation tools and resources cover all aspects of the MBA preparation. They can be categorized into three groups: visual, interactive and audio. Whether you want to prepare in advance, or you’re looking for a last-minute solution, PrepAdviser has you covered. Start your successful MBA or Masters preparation with our free preparation tools and resources.

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