Writing in English for University Study

Writing in English for University Study

Developing the English skills required for extended writing projects and essays at university can improve your academic performance. Plan to master these essential skills before you begin your studies. Improve your academic English skills further, learning about critical analysis, the use sources, and more.

About the course

This is an intermediary course that will expand your academic English and enable you to learn the necessary advanced writing and research skills to produce a thorough and in-depth quality essay. You will get an introduction to research tools, writing critically and referencing, as well as learning more about the fundamentals like essay structure, proofreading, and how to avoid plagiarism. Whether you’re a prospective undergraduate or postgraduate, or are currently undertaking university-level study – this course will build on your ability to research, and write and reference essays, as well as advanced writing projects.

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What you will learn

  • Assess the difference between academic writing and other types of writing
  • Identify the different features of an academic essay
  • Identify appropriate search systems to find reading texts relevant to your topic area
  • Apply critical reading skills to analyse and evaluate an academic text
  • Explain why most academic texts are organised into paragraphs
  • Produce a well-organised, coherent paragraph as part of an academic essay
  • Identify information from source materials and texts to include in your writing according to the appropriate academic conventions of referencing

About the instructor

Jonathan Smith is Director of Technology-enhanced Learning at the International Study and Language Institute, the University of Reading. He also teaches on Pre-sessional courses in English language and study skills.

Starting date: 2 October 2017

Duration: 5 weeks, 3 hours per week 

Language: English 

Instructor: Jonathan Smith

Institution: University of Reading (UK)


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