Tech Solutions in Your Job Search (Quick Reads)

Tech Solutions in Your Job Search (Quick Reads)

It’s impossible to ignore the impact of technology in today’s world. From helping us make a quick purchase online, to communicating our thoughts and ideas across the globe, technological progress has created a lifestyle of convenience and instant retrieval of information which now directly influences our professional development. Read the following article summary from Reach Ivy to learn how you can use technology to help you in your job search.

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  • Having a well-constructed resume that reflects your strengths and experience is important for securing your next position. Using an online resume builder will help you highlight specific qualities and skills that employers are looking for, while adhering to an appropriate style and format. Instead of fiddling around with MS Word, many websites are offering user-friendly solutions to help you save time and avoid disappointment.
  • Online learning services have gained great popularity over the past decade. They are often free, with the option of paying for a certificate upon successful completion. One of the great advantages is the mobility factor, and that you can learn from a wide range of topics while on the go. Remember, employers prefer candidates who have knowledge of the most up-to-date trends and practices to individuals who have a closed mind about learning new concepts or improving their skills. Reach Ivy shares:

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What’s more, these courses from online services like Coursera are certified by reputed universities and recognized worldwide, which means that they will attest to your credibility when you need to highlight them at some future date.

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  • Be careful with social media – oversharing is not in your favor. By setting strict privacy settings, you will ensure that only your friends see what you were up to last weekend. On the other hand, tailoring what you publish to reflect your career goals and personal aspirations on professional networks such as LinkedIn will demonstrate your dedication to career development.

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Source: Reach Ivy

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