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Sure it may seem for most of us that summer is a long while away, but choosing a summer internship now will save you stress in the long run. Reach Ivy shares the benefits of interning before starting a full-time job.

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Quick Facts:

  • As an intern, you are exposed to the reality of the modern work environment and the social dynamics around it. You gain insight into a specific industry—its current trends and developments, as well as common challenges and how to solve them.
  • You get to apply what you’ve learned in lectures to help move business forward and suggest new strategies for product and service improvement.
  • If you prove yourself as worthy to the company, they might present you with a PPO (Pre-Placement Offer), hiring you as a full-time employee after your internship is over.
  • The level of learning and the experience you gain as an intern is intense and will have the highest impact in your career. Reach Ivy comments:

Chosen Quote:

85% of the total companies hiring interns are start-ups and SMEs, the responsibilities and work opportunities within the organization may also be vast and varied.

Useful Information:

  • Make sure you choose an internship position that is directly related to the work you see yourself being involved with in the future. Meeting individuals who are interested in the same field, will allow you to make valuable connections. Who knows, maybe one day you might realize the business proposal you pushed aside, will turn out great with the support of the marketing guru you met at the networking event last weekend. Remember, stay social and proactive.

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