Self Prepare

There are different approaches for the preparation of your application for admission, ranging from comprehensive admissions coaching to self-preparation all the way through. For those who prefer to work on their own and get expert advice just for some steps there are guidelines to keep you on the right track and within the time frame.

Test preparation usually takes most of the time – several months per test. You have to plan which test you will take first and which second and when, and then schedule your focused preparation accordingly.

The document which you will need first in your application package is usually your resume/CV. You will be presenting this to business schools even before you apply – for example, when you meet school representatives at fairs. You need to craft it early in your preparation.

The application essays are the most creative part of your application, the one which admissions officers are most curious about and the one which always takes much more time to prepare than you expect. This is your chance to present yourself and impress the schools.

Letters of recommendations are very special for the admissions committee because they are the only outside source of information about you in your application. You should select your recommenders carefully and give them enough time and guidelines to prepare sound letters of reference.

The must-do evaluation of your profile evaluation and checking your starting GMAT skills are essential. Various online tools will help you steer your preparation and work independently, while you will still benefit from the expertise of the developers of these resources.

During your preparation for admission you should also ensure that you have the budget to finance your studies. Scholarships are the preferred means of support for many students, but their availability is always limited and highly competitive.

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