Please take a brief moment to review our Forum rules.

General Rules:

  • Please let us know if you see a violation of the rules of the forum
  • Failing to comply will result in warnings or blocked access to the forum for various periods.
  • The PREPADVISER team can deprive a person of his/her rights, at its discretion, without breach of any written rules, if the user performs actions which are contrary to the spirit and policy of the forum.
  • The PREPADVISER team reserves the right to add, change or remove rules at its sole discretion and without notice.
  • All the posts express the views of the author and he/she is responsible for their content.
  • Rude or ironic remarks regarding the actions of the team or other forum members are forbidden. Complaints about the actions of the team or forum members may only be filed as a complaint, must be impartial and must only contain the facts of the case.

Basic Rules:


  • fill in a username,
  • choose an avatar,
  • do not use offensive words,
  • do not post pornographic content,
  • do not use criticism,
  • do not advertise,
  • search before posting,
  • don`t share anything illegal,
  • don`t spam,
  • do not use more than one account,
  • Introduce yourself when you write a post
  • ask, learn and have fun.
  • One user may have only one username. If you have a problem logging in please use the option “Forgotten password” or contact the administrator. If you use more than one account, all of your accounts will be banned, and you will not have access to the forum for indefinite time. Deleting an existing account or changing a username is forbidden. Each user is personally liable for their actions.
  • Fill up your profile. This can help you build your network and find more users that have the same interests and are at the same preparation stage as you are.


Do not do anything illegal or offensive

  • We will not tolerate posts containing: nagging, insults, aggression, hatred, ethnic intolerance, pornography, erotica, advertising, illegal and immoral deeds and actions, as well as links to related content.
  • Do not post REAL questions from any tests

Text rules

  • Basic colour and font in the forum are standard set (black + standard set size). Options such as “bold”, “italic”, “underline” and others are used to highlight important words or phrases, warning of possible risks and dangers of an action, etc., but not for constant use. Misuse is not recommended. In such cases, the PREPADVISER team can alter your text.  Topics
  • The title of the themes and topics themselves (problems) should be clear and unambiguous in order to understand what will relate to the discussion. Otherwise, the topic will be renamed or deleted.
  • To avoid repetition of topics, the user is obliged to check whether it already exists before posting a new topic. Repeated topics/posts will be removed or changed. Topic/posts published in the wrong section will be moved to the correct one.


  • Do not post several identical posts within a 48 hour period.
  • Any spamming or off the topic discussion is forbidden. Such posts will be deleted and the author will be notified. Personal discussions in the forum can be done only via personal messages.

Private messages                                                 

  • Do not send private messages or e-mails to other users to solicit advice

Search options the Forum

  • Before posting your question or post, please search the Forum in order to check whether it has been posted previously by someone else.
  • Use the Advanced Search option if you are in need of any detail or specific post


  • Write a post in the relevant area.
  • Review your post before posting
  • Review old posts before posting your own. Maybe your question is already answered
  • Posting the same question in different sections is not allowed
  • Answering your questions over and over again just to move the posts to the top of the forum is not permitted
  • Make your titles more descriptive
  • Do not just add attachments; write your problem/question as well
  • Thank the person who helped you answer your question
  • Do not use our forum for advertising your services or products. If you do so you will be banned.
  • It is forbidden to post any content from our competitors
  • Post answers as an adviser only if you consider that it brings added value, with the exception of any company-branded forum areas

Sharing your physical content

  • You can share any physical study guides that you have legally purchased in our Book Store. But you are not allowed to sell online class access or electronic files.

For detailed information please contact the forum administrator or the PREPADVISER team at:

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