How to Improve Your GRE Score – 26 Tips and Tricks (Podcast)

What should you look for when taking the GRE test? In this episode Wouter Schut, Academic and Marketing Specialist at ETS Global gives a general overview of the exam. He also shares tips and tricks on how to prepare better for the test day and registration. Wouter also shares a list of preparation tools that candidates can use to ace the GRE exam.

  • The GRE test is used by many business schools and universities  worldwide as part of their admission process for Master’s, MBA, specialized Master’s, business, and doctoral programs. Nowadays, many law schools accept GRE scores. It’s estimated that around 1,300 schools accept them.
  • When registering for the GRE test it’s important to do so in advance, because in that way you are more likely to secure a more convenient spot and time slot for your preferred testing location.
  • Strategy and preparation are vital when doing the GRE test. It is crucial that you prepare a strategy about how to approach the test. There are certain procedures that you need to follow in order to be eligible to take the test. These can be found on the GRE website or the registration bulletin. Wouter says:

Organize your thoughts. And prepare an outline before you begin to write your essay response in order to keep your essay focused.

  • You’ll get a better understanding of the scoring system, and how to choose the right score option, which will allow you to put your best scores forward.
  • Finally, you’ll get recommendations regarding some useful tools that will help you to get a higher GRE score like POWERPREP Online, GRE® Math Review, and GRE® Math Conventions.

If you want to learn more about the GRE®, watch the webinar to get the full picture. And, of course, good luck in your exam!

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