Go for Consulting

Many candidates who apply to programmes with a challenging admission have to present their very best possible application and test scores. So they invest in professional advice from admissions consultants or coaches who guide them all the way through the preparation and application.

There are many aspects of the test preparation, as well as preparing your application portfolio, which benefit from an outside professional perspective. Your application needs to be really outstanding, reveal your uniqueness and match with the chosen programme. Read more

In addition admissions consultants can give you practical feedback on your chances for admission to schools of interest to you. This will help you build a realistic strategy and aim at the best achievable targets. Read more

When you work with a coach or a consultant you need to build a partnership so that the consulting process is efficient and successful. Selecting a consultant takes time and research, as well as a first-hand personal interaction and comparison between options. Many companies provide both test preparation and admissions consulting. Read more

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