A Robot’s Approach to Sentence Correction (Quick Reads)

A Robot's Approach to Sentence Correction

When preparing for the GMAT Verbal section, many candidates focus on improving their understanding of grammar concepts and spend less time practicing to identify the meaning behind sentence structure and words. Memorizing rules may help you to a certain extent, but only as far as the structure of the test allows. The GMAT is built in such a way that it aims to challenge candidates to use critical thinking in all of its sections. In fact, this unique aspect may be applied to reflect the strength of human intellect and what separates us from the limitations of advanced AI. Read the article summary below in which GMAT expert Ryan Jacobs reassures us of our competitive cognitive edge in solving Sentence Correction questions over a robot’s.

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GMAT Test: Winning Study Strategies

GMAT Test: Winning Study Strategies

Have you decided to take the GMAT test, but need some helpful tips on how to prepare? Read below for a brief summary of the study strategies provided during PrepAdviser’s online chat with 700 Plus Club: “Winning Strategies for a 700 GMAT Score” which was held on July 10th, 2018. Read more