Free Webinar: Everything you need to know about applying to a top 10 MBA in 2021

Do you dream of better career opportunities? An MBA degree can open many doors, and boost your career. But how to choose the best MBA program? How difficult it is, and what are your chances to get admitted? These are all questions that will be answered in our upcoming free webinar about applying to a top 10 MBA in 2021.

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Open Class on Challenger Brands by Geneva Business School (Podcast)


This open class is presented by Professor Francesco Derchi, Digital Marketing Professor at Geneva Business School. He elaborates on how to create new brands to defy existing industry leaders.

The professor focuses in his lecture on:

  • The tree main pillars of building a brand – rational, emotional and the user’s part
  • The elements to make little David stand up to the giant Goliath in the field of marketing and branding
  • Strategies you can employ to challenge the status quo in the market and stand out
  • Good examples of challenger brands that managed to make a difference and changed the market forever.
  • Questions from the audience concerning building new brands and challenges related to that creative process

The admissions’ team gives more details and tips on how to enter Geneva Business School. Mark Hatton, the Geneva Campus Director, advises students:

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. At least three to four months. And make sure you address yourself to every single element. If you have to submit nine or ten documents, please ensure you submit all of them.

How to Apply for an MBA If You Are Working Full-Time

How to Apply for an MBA If You Are Working Full-Time

We sat down with Dawn, an ambitious MBA student from the Philippines, to discuss how she decided to apply for an MBA degree in the UK. She also shared her insights on how an MBA degree could help those seeking better career options. Dawn also gave some very practical advice for candidates applying to MBA programs abroad. To learn more, read the entire interview.

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How to get admitted to Loughborough University’s MBA (podcast)

The Loughborough MBA is among just 1% of business schools in the world to hold AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. Located just 90 minutes from London, it offers a number of opportunities and modes of study. It gives opportunity to network and study among peers from all over the world in their Summer School for Advanced Management. The program has an option to extend studies to include a 40-52 week professional internship.

Loughborough University only recruits up to 50 people in order to create lively interaction between participants and engender a feeling of being part of a family, which is one of the big strengths of the program. To get more information on the admission requirements and the school, you can visit their school profile here.

Professor Saker gives tips to applicants on how to build an outstanding MBA application and get admitted to this top-tier business school:

    • Prepare well for the meeting with school representatives and research information on the school in order to avoid asking naïve questions and making a poor first impression.
    • A common mistake applicants make is underplaying their experience and omitting to highlight their achievements in the workplace.
    • Scholarships are usually awarded by the school to candidates with high academic achievements and over five years of professional experience.
    • A strong academic background combined with relevant professional experience constitutes a truly impressive CV that will sway the admissions’ committee.
    • The admissions’ team does not assess candidates based on their standardized test results and therefore the GMAT is not obligatory for admission. As the professor says:

Success in the GMAT simply indicates you are good at doing GMAT. It doesn’t indicate much about your quality.

Consistency is Key When Applying for The Best Business Schools

We met Murad, an MBA candidate, who told us how and why he decided to pursue an MBA degree. He also shared invaluable tips when applying for the best business schools around the world. Finally, Murad explained his strategy for his GRE preparation. Get to know him better by reading the conversation we had during the Access MBA event in Sofia on May 11, 2019.

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