Starting an MBA Student Club: A Success Story (Quick Reads)

Starting an MBA Student Club: A Success Story

Apart from regular lectures, getting involved in university campus life will add greatly to your MBA experience. Joining a student club will allow you to not only learn a lot from others, but take your networking to the next level by enabling you to attend exciting events and travel the world. MBA student Michael Longaro tapped his passion for politics to start his own political and public affairs club at ESADE. Read below for a summary of the experience he shared with The Economist.

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U.S. Graduate Schools that Don’t Require Admissions Tests

U.S. Graduate Schools that Don't Require Admissions Tests

Did you know that some U.S. graduate schools let you bypass admissions tests? Anayat Durrani, contributor at US News shares that standardized tests such as TOEFL, GRE, GMAT should not deter candidates from applying to American MBA and Master’s programs.

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Applying for an MBA at IE (Podcast)

This podcast episode features an interview with Joel McConnell, Director for International Development for Europe and Central Asia at IE Business School. Below are a few important facts to know when applying for an MBA at IE. Listen to the entire interview for more info!

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