GMAT Tutorial on How to tackle the Critical Reasoning Questions (Podcast)

Critical reasoning is about one third of the verbal section. In this episode, Brian Galvin, Chief Academic Officer of Veritas Prep, discusses “the testmaker’s blueprint” for Critical Reasoning. You will learn how to identify trick questions, and work with the answer choices.

    • Brian talks about various techniques to build arguments and use syllogisms and how to identify flawed arguments.
    • The lesson teaches you to quickly set your goals correctly and identify flaws in the texts given on the actual exam. He does that by giving sample questions to solve with options for a time similar to what you will get per question at the exam.
    • Identifying gaps in the conclusions is another tactic Brian shares with the audience. He analyzes each question and each of the answer choices to explain why each of them is correct or wrong.
    • Don’t neglect the Critical Reasoning section of the GMAT test. It’s a demanding part of the exam and requires a great deal of concentration and critical thinking. Brian says:

The goal is the conclusion and there’s misdirection, so watch that kind of curve ball effects.


5 Free GMAT Prep Online Resources

5 Free GMAT Prep Online Resources

5 Free GMAT Prep Online Resources for successful MBA or Masters admission

We know how important the GMAT exam is, and that why we’ve compiled a list of free GMAT prep online resources to help you take the GMAT with flying colors. Below we give you a list of five websites that cover every aspect of the GMAT preparation process, and we focused on the unique features each of them has. We recommend exploring them in full, as they offer plenty of great resources.

GMAT is one of the most important parts in every MBA candidate’s journey, as a high GMAT score can present many business education opportunities, and open lots of possibilities in the candidate’s career path.

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