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Location: Bilbao
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About Deusto Business School Masters
Deusto Business School stands out for being the only Business School in Spain that has been operating for centuries. It has lead the training of business leaders at its two locations:
  • La Comercial - part of the Bilbao campus since 1916
  • ESTE - created in 1956 at the San Sebastian campus

    Deusto Business School embodies century-old tradition and prestige and also manages to embrace the major trends that are currently transforming the world of business.

  • Programme Presentation

    Master's Degree in International Business (English)

    This Master’s degree programme equips future business leaders with the most effective competences to detect international business opportunities, and design and implement international business strategy. The key aspects of international management (marketing, finance, human resources, etc.) in each country are highlighted. The programme focuses on the specialist field of international business management, highlighting the particularities of different geographic areas (Asia, Europe, Ibero-America, USA, Canada, Africa and Oceania) and fosters development of working skills in multicultural teams.

    Campus: San Sebastián Credits: 60 ECTS Dedication: Full time Internship: Obligatory. 18 ECTS Language: English

    Master´s Degree in European & International Business Management (Trilingual: English, Spanish and French)

    This programme is suitable for recent graduates who are willing to take on the challenge of this intensive educational experience which includes a great deal of mobility and cultural change. Students are afforded the opportunity to study business management from a global perspective. The programme is held in three countries. Deusto Business School (Bilbao,Spain), Audencia Business School (Nantes, France) and University of Bradford (Bradford, United Kingdom). The official language of each country will be the language of instruction.

    Campus: Bilbao, Nantes, Bradford Credits: 90 ECTS Dedication: Full time Internship: Obligatory. 3-6 months and in any country Language: English, Spanish, French

    Master´s Degree in Competitiveness & Innovation (English)

    This Master’s degree programme will provide you with the advanced training needed to meet the growing demand for professionals and researchers with systemic strategic vision and the abilities to lead organisations and territories while making them innovative and competitive. Following an initial period of common subjects, the programme offers two different profiles:

  • Professional practice: This track looks to form professionals capable of managing strategic projects to improve the competitiveness of organisations and territories.
  • Research: This track aims to prepare students to do research in the field of competitiveness and innovation and their dissertation.

    Campus: San Sebastián Credits: 60 ECTS Dedication: Full time Internship: Obligatory. 12 ECTS Language: English

    Master´s Degree in Management (Spanish)

    This programme is especially designed for persons with backgrounds which are not related to management (e.g. engineering, law, sciences, sociology…) ensuring that they can take full advantage of this unique educational opportunity. This programme aims to provide students with comprehensive training in the professional and personal scopes as they acquire the competences, skills and aptitudes required from business executives. Special emphasis is placed on entrepreneurship.

    Campus: San Sebastián Credits: 90 ECTS Dedication: Full time Internship: Obligatory. 30 ECTS Language: Spanish

    Master´s Degree in Human Resources (Spanish)

    If you want a career in people management, the Master’s degree in Human Resources can help you complete your training career providing human resources knowledge, aptitudes and skills. If you are working in human resources and are concerned about updating your knowledge and learning new people management tendencies, or you wish to broaden your field of professional prospects, this programme is a good fit for you. Participants of this Master’s degree will do an internship (participants with no experience) or an Improvement Project (experienced profile) that will allow you to apply previous concepts and techniques.

    Campus: Bilbao Credits: 60 ECTS Dedication: Part time Language: Spanish

    Master´s Degree in Advanced Marketing (Spanish)

    This Master’s degree programme looks to prepare future executives capable of taking on responsibilities in the field of marketing, providing them with advanced knowledge of the competences required on today’s increasingly global and interconnected markets. These professionals are equipped to design global marketing strategies and determine customer relationship policies, distribution and management channels, integrated communication and brand management.

    Campus: Bilbao or San Sebastián Credits: 60 ECTS Dedication: Full time Internship: Obligatory. 6-18 ECTS Language: Spanish (85%), English (15%)

    Student Body
    Number of nationalities: Over 25
    Percentage of international students: 30%

    Admission process
    Visit our website to see the deadline for submission:

    The documents to be submitted are the following:

  • The application form, available at:
  • A photocopy of your ID card or Passport.
  • A photocopy of the academic transcript.
  • Certificate issued by your university accrediting that the degree certificate obtained is valid for access to Master studies.
  • Currículum Vitae with a photocopy of the relevant supporting documents.
  • Motivation letter: two pages (maximum 800 words)
  • Certification of competence in a foreign language. Photocopy.

    Admission process open from January until June


  • Master´s Degree in International Business (English) - 11.000€
  • Master´s Degree in European & International Business Management (Trilingual: English, Spanish and French) - 14.600€
  • Master´s Degree in Competitiveness & Innovation (English) - 11.000€
  • Master´s Degree in Management (Spanish) - 12.800€
  • Master´s Degree in Human Resources (Spanish) - 15.300€
  • Master´s Degree in Advanced Marketing (Spanish) - 11.000€

    Admission requirements:
  • What Recent Grads Say
    Read about alumni here.The school has a network made up of over 15,000 professionals who hold major company posts in all sectors both in Spain and overseas.

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    Quick Stats
    from 11.000€ to 15.300€
    Admission Requirements
    photocopy of passport, academic transcript, validated certificate, CV, motivation letter, foreign language certificate photocopy
    Student Body
    Over 25 nationalities, 30% international students
    Hermanos Aguirre 2, 48014 Bilbao
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