Free Online GMAT Classes with Veritas Prep
by Veritas Prep
About this course

PrepAdviser and Veritas Prep are excited to provide this free weeklong GMAT sample preparation course. Throughout the week, you’ll learn about the most crucial strategies that you will need to know to achieve your desired GMAT score. The week will start off with an in-depth overview of the GMAT and how to best prepare for this challenging exam. We will then move into a deep dive of the Critical Reasoning question type where you will learn how to employ the Veritas Prep SWIM method to quickly identify the flaws in arguments and anticipate what the correct answer needs to include. Following the Critical Reasoning session, you will be introduced to the unique Data Sufficiency question type where you will learn to Think Like the Testmaker, using the structure of these uniquely-formatted questions to avoid trap answers and spend your time (and critical thinking abilities) wisely on the exam’s most challenging problems. Each of these sessions will be taught live and will include time to ask the instructor questions. The week will conclude with Veritas Prep’s complete pre-recorded Sentence Correction Lesson. You will spend time going through the full Sentence Correction lesson that every Veritas Prep GMAT student learns.

Every lesson will also include supplemental articles and videos as well as homework questions to help reinforce the concepts that you learned throughout the week.

Taught by lead curriculum developer Brian Galvin and hosted on Veritas Prep’s Smartboard technology platform, these sessions will showcase key strategies that you will need to know to master the GMAT!

Brian Galvin, Vice President of Academics
99th percentile GMAT score
Brian received a Masters in Education from the University of Michigan and has studied the GMAT fulltime since 2006 as the Vice President of Academic Programs for Veritas Prep.

Combining his professional achievements with his personal hobbies as an Ironman and standup comedian, Brian might very well be the foremost expert on the GMAT in the world. Judge for yourself by following his always-educational and oft-entertaining GMAT Tip of the Week on the Veritas Prep blog!