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EBS prepares candidates for standard aptitude tests such as GMAT, GRE and SAT, and language competency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. We also help candidates to choose the right business schools and to put together strong applications. Our mission is to help the Italian speakers to gain admittance to the most selective business schools in Italy and abroad, by mastering the skills necessary to excel in the GMAT and language competency test and submitting a strong application We realize that our Italian customers have a different academic and cultural background, so we accomplish our goal using a bicultural and bilingual didactic approach.


Laura Wray is the founder and general manager of EBS Toefl Gmat Prep.Before starting EBS in Milano, Laura worked for a number of international corporations as business manager in Germany, Spain and Italy. After resigning from her last corporate position to pursue  more personal interests, she started teaching consumer behavior and marketing communication at NABA in Milano, and thus understood that top quality prep for TOEFL and GMAT -required also by Italian universities- was not much available in the area.She managed to grow EBS from a one employee company to a successful operation, currently employing several coaches and a marketing and P.R manager.

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Address: Corso di Porta Vittoria 29
20122 Milan

Telephone: 02 36753800