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We provide our students with a variety of prep solutions, ranging from group courses to individually tailored programs. We hold on-site courses in major Italian cities  (Milan, Rome, and Naples), collaborate with Italian universities,  and hold online courses worldwide. All our programs are taught in English by experienced tutors who have helped hundreds of students  achieve their highest possible scores. 

Instructors and Coaches

Lana Silanteva - Program Director and Verbal Tutor

Lana is one of the two founders of 700+ Club, working as its Program Director and a tutor for the verbal part of the admissions exams.She holds a Degree in Foreign Languages, a Law Degree, and an MBA degree from MIP Graduate School of Business in Milan. She has an extensive experience as an interpreter and teacher of English, and she is fond of creating more efficient ways of learning and finding faster paths for improvement for the non-native English speakers. As a former lawyer, she particularly enjoys teaching the reasoning part of the tests, where structure and logic are fundamental.

Anshul Bhat- Co-Founder and the Quant Tutor at 700+ Club

Anshul specializes in helping students get over their fear of quant with unique and creative solutions. He adapts a mix of logic, elimination and basic calculation techniques to arrive at simple solutions for even the very complex looking problems. He believes in having fun while learning.  

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Address: Via Vincenzo Monti 8
20129 Milan

Telephone: +39 02 467 12725

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